What's New
March 2019

The new CLI v4.9.2 adds support for fdk generate.

February 2019

As part of CLI v4.8.0, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

January 2019

Requests from apps can now be received from predetermined IP ranges.

The following serverless events were added:

December 2018

Merry Christmas! Added support for the following Time Entry serverless events:

The new CLI v4.5.0 adds support for agent-level OAuth2.

November 2018

A new Interface API, setOptions, was added to the Ticket Details and New Ticket pages.

The new CLI v4.4.11 adds support for the set and remove actions in Data Storage.

The following Editor Window APIs were added to the Ticket Details page:

A new Intercept Event API, ticket.sendReply, was added.

October 2018

You can now retrieve a list of options from the status, priority, type, or custom field objects available on the Ticket Details, New Ticket, and New Email pages.

The email_config object can now be retrieved from the Ticket Details and New Email pages.

The new CLI v4.4.8 adds support for the Update operation in Data Storage.

The following Global Data APIs can now be used by CTI apps:

  • loggedInUser
  • domainName

The minimum height limit for Instance API has been removed.

September 2018

The new CLI v4.4.3 adds support for the following enhancements in Data Storage:

The new CLI v4.4.1 adds support for the following locations:

August 2018

As part of CLI v4.3.12, client ID and secret can be configured during installation using OAuth installation parameters. Also, OAuth installation parameters can be used to whitelist domains.

Added new APIs to hide/show/enable/disable the Edit Ticket option on the Ticket Details page.

Added a new API to remove quoted text in the Ticket Reply editor.

July 2018

Added a new app location in the Ticket Details page. Apps can now be placed in the background of the time entry modal.

The hourly rate limit for data storage has been removed. Only the per minute limit applies.

The new CLI v4.3.8 adds support for secure iparams. Read more about securing sensitive installation parameters from this blog post.

The following tutorials have been added to the platform blog.

Apps can now be added in the Contact List page.

June 2018

Added the Scheduled Events sample app to the repository.

Schedules can now be created from the front-end component of the app using Server Method Invocation (SMI).

Updates to custom apps will now be reflected within 5 minutes.

May 2018

The new CLI v4.3.2 adds support for Scheduled Events which enable serverless apps to be executed in response to one time or recurring schedules.

Fixed validation for NPM dependencies in CLI v4.3.1.

The new CLI v4.3.0 supports local testing for an upcoming platform feature, Scheduled Events.

Data storage limit for the combined size of the key and value is now 8 KB.

Apr 2018

To improve security, we sandboxed the Custom Installation page in an IFrame. If you are already using this feature, please follow this migration guide to ensure that your app is unaffected.

The Insert into Editor Window Interface API now allows attachments to be added in the Editor window.

Revamped the Sample Apps page classifying sample apps by specific features and use cases. Also, added the following sample apps to the repository:

Mar 2018

Added logging to enable developers troubleshoot the serverless component of custom apps.

As part of CLI v4.2.1, added fixes for a number of minor Windows bugs.

Added a new Instance API to enable developers close modals and dialogs.

Feb 2018

The following enhancements have been made to Installation Parameters:

  • Added new types of parameters such as URL, email, number, phone number, date, and multiselect.
  • Regexes can now be used to validate parameters entered by a user.
  • Added support for setting installation parameters as either required or optional.
  • Optional parameters need not be set in the iparam_test_data.json file.

The enhanced Insert text into editor window API now allows developers to add text at the beginning or end of existing content.

The following Interface APIs were added to the Ticket Details page:

As part of CLI v4.1.9, added two more app locations for Freshservice apps and fixed a few minor bugs.

The following Interface APIs were added to the Editor window:

Added a new Instance API to help developers manually set the height of app instances.

As part of CLI v4.1.8, added fixes for a number of minor bugs.

Jan 2018

Published documentation on how apps can make requests that are authenticated using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

As part of CLI v4.1.7, added support for local testing of the Custom Installation page.

The following sample apps were added to the repository:

The following intercepting Event APIs were added:

  • Ticket Close
  • Ticket Properties Updated

Happy New Year! As part of CLI v4.1.5, added support for OAuth installation parameters. This enables developers to build integrations with OAuth providers, such as Shopify, that have dynamic authorization and token URLs.

Dec 2017

For CLI v4.1.5, we added a new CRM template and fixed several bugs.

The following Interface APIs were added:

  • Enable and Disable the ticket delete buttons
  • Hide and Show the ticket attachment delete buttons
  • Stop and Start the timer
  • Expand conversation
  • Insert text in the open conversation editor window

Added Event APIs to enable apps to listen for and react to timer start, stop, delete, and update events.

Added support for more Installation parameters to help developers enhance the app installation experience.

Added the Simple CRM app to the repository.

Published coding guidelines to help developers create apps that quickly pass through the review process.

Nov 2017

For CLI v4.1.2, we increased the size limit for entries to the data store from 1 KB to 4 KB and added an encode method that can be used to base64 encode API keys and usernames and passwords when making requests.

For CLI v4.1.1, OAuth access tokens are now available for use in serverless apps.

For CLI v4.1.0, wildcards are now supported while whitelisting domains.

The following sample apps were added to the repository:

As part of CLI v4.0.3, we can now build apps for Freshservice.

Added Instance APIs to allow communication between multiple instances of the same app. This can also be used to enable modals to communicate with the parent instance and vice versa.

Added support for Custom Installation pages for apps. This enables developers to build installation pages that contain UI elements and workflows which are not available in the standard installation page.

Oct 2017

The following app locations have been added as part of CLI v4.0.2:

  • On the Ticket Details page, apps can now be placed in the attachment icon, conversation editor window, and background.
  • On the Contact Details page, apps can now be placed in the background.
  • On the New Ticket page, apps can now be placed in the contact sidebar and background. Event APIs have been added for this location.
  • On the New Email page, apps can now be placed in the contact sidebar and background. Event APIs have been added for this location.

New in v2

Here are some brand new features in the v2 App Development Platform.

  • Apps run in IFrames creating a layer of abstraction between the app and page.
  • Apps in the new Freshdesk UI now have a dedicated section in the Ticket and Contacts page sidebar for easy access.
  • Local testing is now built-in to the CLI, eliminating the need for a separate browser plugin.
  • App locations can now be configured in the manifest file rather than having to specify them in multiple locations.
  • Features need not be specified in the manifest file, they are automatically inferred.
  • File format of configuration files (manifest, iparam, oauth config) has been changed from YAML to JSON making them easier to use.
  • There is no need to manually install dependencies before testing a serverless app, they are automatically installed.

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