App Content Guidelines

All apps go through a content review process where they are vetted for authenticity, correctness, and technical depth. Here are a broad set of guidelines you need to follow.

If the app does not meet the mentioned guidelines, it will not listed in Marketplace.

App Name

The App Name should simply explain what the app/product is called. A two to three-word summary can be added, but no more.

Example 1: "Name of your app" Example 2: "Name of your app - Functionality"
For functionality, do not provide more than three words. If the app is developed by a company that does not own the product, refrain from plugging your company name in the title.

Any links to your company, if you are a system integrator, can be added in the description field.


The overview is a teaser about the app so that customers are intrigued to read more about the app in the description. It is recommended to explain how the integration works and not how the app works as a standalone product.

The correct way to write the overview is to provide the value of the app and the problem it solves as shown below.

The following example shows an incorrect way of writing the overview as it only describes the product.


The Description section is a detailed explanation of your app’s functionality and features. You need to:

  • Describe the functionality of the app.
  • Focus on what problems customers can solve using the key features of the app.
  • Explain all key features in detail.
  • Bring out business benefits that these features contribute to.

1. Do not repeat the content in the overview here.
2. Any links to the company, explainer videos, and other links for discounts, etc., can be included at the bottom of the description.


Good Instructions help end users install the app and use it without any hiccups. Ensure that you adhere to the following best practices.

  • Give clear straightforward steps.
  • For external apps, provide the link to the page (your redirect page) where users can find more information about your app.
  • Breakdown complex steps into multiple simple steps.
  • If your procedure involves API keys or usernames/passwords, mention where they can be obtained in Freshdesk or in other products.
App Icon and Screenshots

Ensure that your app icon and screenshots adhere to the following guidelines.

  • The app icon should have a 1:1 aspect ratio with a resolution of 400x400 ONLY.
  • Screenshots should clearly show the functionality of the app.
  • Screenshots with annotations that explain the functionality of the app are recommended.
  • If the app or its functionality is in a small part of the screen where it is barely noticeable, highlight it as shown below.

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